Friday, 26 April 2013

Inspiration for Actors

What a great couple of weeks!
I attended Mel Churcher's 5 day course at the Actors Studio. I'll be blogging about the amazing-ness that is Mel very soon (as soon as I get back to my computer!).
However since then its been auditions and projects moving forward which is quite exciting.

But what inspired me to write this blog was meeting some lovely people on Mel's course, in particular a lovely turkish actress who is very successful in her career.
We were ended up chatting about how easy it is when you're working and auditioning constantly to get burned out and start to feel very uninspired.
No matter how lucky you are, how talented, how far your career reaches the burn out after a long television series, or touring theatre shows is not unusual.
I once had an acting tutor who talked about the post job lull, which begins from that last performance when you realise suddenly 'I'm out of a job' and then continues indefinately......
From previous experience I've come to realise this can last days, weeks - even years.
But its simple - you've overworked, put in everything you had and are now in need of INSPIRATION!

After sending these to some of the course goers - I realised I should share the links with all of you too. Spread the love and share the good fortune of loving what you do and doing what you love.

What: Inspiration for the actors

When: For when the industry gets you down and you feel like you've been chewed up and spat out and are not sure how to recover from the terrible gooey mess you are.

How: By following the links below adding a dose of meditation and relaxing away from industry goings on:

Wendy Braun
Sign up to her site and get a free audition meditation mp3 - its a bit cheesy but what she says really resonates. My favourite part is 'You are unique, no one can give the performance you will give' and then she quotes Martha Graham - which is on my inspiration board. (see quote below!)

Graham quote

My other go to site is:
he has some lovely inspirational words and affirmations you can paste onto your dressing room mirror, or onto your dream board. He also has some great books to read and is all about thinking positively and listening to your thoughts. Negative thoughts have so much power, so much sway that once I had an audition all I thought was negative thoughts for a whole 24 hours. I didn't even realise it until I meditated and started to hear that voice saying everything I feared.
Have a read of this:
He has some amazing testimonials -even Alyson Hannigan is a fan!

Gabrielle Bernstien:
And last but not least is my ultimate favourite meditations & talks (free!!)

from my inspiration Gabrielle Bernstein.
Reading her books and listenting to her talks and meditations everyday has really changed my attitude about myself and my work over the last 8 months. It's become my daily ritual to listen to a meditation on the train each morning (yes I'm always running around!), but its amazing the clarity and space I have in my brain after doing this.
If you're not sure, listen to Gabby's Creative Lecture (on the podcast link above), its amazing and inspiring. Hearing other women talk about their lives of being in service and forging their own paths. As creatives I feel we do this every step along the way so its lovely to hear how others are doing it outside of the so-called industry.

I realise that this post was more of an actor one, and so the next one I'm planning will be about both. But as a final side note - its actually very easy to see actors who walk into the room and are burnt out. When my producer head sees it, I veer around or away from them. Instinctively everyone else does too, with the inner knowledge that that burnt out person will come and chat to you, suddenly take over the conversation and make it all about themselves with some whiny sob story.
Yes thats harsh but haven't you experienced this before?
Yep - and haven't we all been there?
So next time that happens, hit them with some advice, 'Go out, leave this place my friend, its not good for you. Instead check out these links (or this blog), and dont come back till you're hungry, passionate and inspired to create. Then we can chat.'

Till next time....

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