Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Great Expectations - #ReefReels Short Film Competition

Little Jade Productions is proud to produce:
Great Expectations - a short tale about saving the reef.
“We have a problem, it’s this reef of yours… we’ve had complaints of false advertising.”
In the not too distant future, Australia has a big problem. The Great Barrier Reef is just not ‘Great’ anymore. People are complaining, tourists are unhappy, and finally the department of Fair Trading has stepped in. How will our heroes keep the tourist dollars flowing to a park that is just.. not that ‘great’ anymore?
GREAT EXPECTATIONS is a comical tale of how to market a reef. After you’ve destroyed it…

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Creativity & Clients - The Rules

Hi Guys,
Its been a while, ages really, apologies but I've been deep in post production jungles, navigating the twisty vines of truth, wearily walking through swamps of despair and pain, whilst climbing the hills and mountains ever upwards in search of the final destination, with many other travellers joining the quest along the way....not sure where that metaphor was going so I'll stop it there!

Its been enlightening and learning, but thats not what has got me excited to write this post.

(I'll write about that later!).

Instead I want to share with you an inspiring talk I went to over D&AD judging last week. For those of you who dont know D&AD is the annual worldwide design awards for advertising..and design. Really exciting and innovative 

Check out this years winners

During the course of the judging last week we managed to score tickets to Glug. If you are in design/advertising you need to come to Glug, its a Shoreditch meetup for the creative design industries. Really casual and friendly and your ticket usually includes a free drink along with some interesting talks from all range of people. However I usually head straight for the burger stand (after a drink of course) and start chatting with everyone in line.

Glug is run by the team from Studio AKA and its chilled out vibe really extends to the evening, so its not really networking its just meeting new faces and getting inspired again.

The Glug talk at D&AD was sold out, straight sold out. They put on more and more and finally my guys at DHP Studios nabbed a few tickets and we went along, not knowing what to expect. Firstly it wasn't at Cargo, secondly no drinks were mentioned, thirdly it was out in Kensington Olympia (?! Who goes there from Shoreditch!?).

We got there and were treated to 3 short talks by people working in the advertising world, who were first and foremost artists. It was really interesting to hear their thoughts and ideas on how they married and worked with clients, without compromising artistic vision.
Whether you are in advertising or feature films the client / exec producers will have demands on script, picture, shots, cast and more. Its frustrating experience at times, sometimes just depressing and believe me, I've worked on many great exciting creative projects that turn into complete turds because the client (or their boss) decided at the last minute it was too 'risky' and 'not on brand' and 'can we have a globe in there to symbolise our global reach?'.
YES I got that last week. No f*&^ing joke.
Here is a little gem of a video that makes fun of these ridiculous brand conversations:
This is a Generic Brand Video

Back on track, there we were, drinkless, in Kensington Olympia watching artists talk about their work. And it was very inspiring.
I want to know who the hell their clients are!

However I want to share just a few gems with you:
Elise - an artist who makes photographs that look photoshopped but are real!
Her work is amazing, and it is all real objects, there is no photoshopping at all.
She talked about her latest piece which suspended a car in mid air in a studio while they positioned cut outs of images around it.

The respect & faith her client had in her work is just astounding. And obviously the final image is very eyecatching and you expect it to be photoshop but everything is done at scale in a warehouse. She doesnt do any photoshopping at all.

The next speaker really inspired me in what he talked about. His name is Toby Triumph and he has a couple of rules that I think apply to all artists/actors/creative types (and was the inspiration for this blog).

Toby Triumph's Rules
1. Don't freak out - Big clients, last minute deadlines whatever it is, it'll be ok. Just keep working.

2. Experiment - Surround yourself with other creatives, and dont forget to try new things. Learn off eachother. Then make sure you have a relationship with your client so you can then show them new stuff. Take a punt, show them something really different, every so often, you might find they surprise you and themselves.

3. If you're weird be weird - Thats your USP, your thing. So own your difference and let it out even in a corporate/commercial environment. Give yourself space to be yourself. Look around, take notice of what's around you.

4. Open the doors yourself - Make it yourself. Self initiated work progress your work. (As you know being a reader of this blog I advocate this strongly! MAKE YOUR OWN WORK!). 

I believe all artists/creatives should follow these rules, they help us to grow, connect, experiment and continually move forward. Rather than sticking to tried and true methods which slowly turn sour and old....

Finally the last speaker was part of a collective Barnaby from Marshmallow Laser Feast.
Pretentious sounding? Tick. Innovative? Tick.
I'm just going to show you a link to what they did for Cannes Lions. 
Meet Your Creator - Saatchi & Saatchi
They created these mini drones that have mirrors and lights attached, then created sequences for them to fly around in along to music. Watch from around 3min - or the whole thing, its pretty amazing as a spectacle in a dark room. It was meant to inspire and excite people.
Sadly it did so well they were inundated with requests for the same piece but with peoples logos on the lasers...!
Great thing Barnaby mentioned was that they dont do the same thing twice. Once its done, they move onto the next idea.
Which is important in an artistic sense, so often clients want 'exactly that thing' but for half the budget, or 0.02 of the budget. Without realising we could create something entirely unique that could really push boundaries and propel them forward without mimicry.

So artists & creatives, find your rules, keep your vision and stuck to your guns.
For the sake of all of us who watch commercials,
For the sake of everyone who has ever been subjected to a brand video.
For the sake of art.
Thank you!